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News- Team Fiend sign VOYVODA

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Topic - CS:GO: Team Fiend sign VOYVODA

March 24,2021, 4:38 PM
By - Tenzay

Team Fiend is a new organization based in the United States. The news of them signing VOYVODA comes two weeks after the team upset OG and Cloud9 and qualified for DreamHack Masters Spring. The core of the team Viktor "⁠v1c7oR⁠" Dyankov, Kamen "⁠bubble⁠" Kostadinov, and Hristiyan "⁠REDSTAR⁠" Pironkov has been playing together in a team since October 2020. They were later joined by Martin "⁠mar⁠" Kuyumdjiev and Simeon "⁠dream3r⁠" Ganev. v1c7oR has said in a recent interview for HLTV.org that he believes that VOYVODA now Fiend can become an even better version of the Windigo lineup that won WESG in 2018.

Their roster is: 
Kamen "bubble⁠" Kostadinov
Viktor "v1c7oR⁠" Dyankov
Hristiyan "⁠REDSTAR⁠" Pironkov
Simeon "dream3r" Ganev
Martin "marKuyumdjiev

Team Fiend announcement

Team Fiend announcement

Source: twitter.com