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News- NiP to beat G2 in VCT Qualifiers

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Topic - VALORANT: NiP beat G2 in VCT EU

Feb 6,2021, 6:57 PM
By - AL_Timmy

Ninjas in Pyjamas just beat G2 in the VCT qualifiers.

NiP first went 13-7 on icebox a very convincing win but on Bind they struggled a little bit harder and lost 5-13. They tied it up 1-1 and the last game was really a top performance on the side of NiP, the Russian player Jady seemed to be on another level with his sage plays.

NiP is really looking strong and showed a top performance, with beating G2 ( considered the best team in Valorant ). NiP might just take over the throne of these kings.

Well played!

Source: VLR.GG