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Topic - Final four

Dec 10,2020, -3:26 AM
By - AL_Timmy

The Valorant Genesis Radiants cup is moving into the semi finals with the final four playing today. You will be seeing teams such as NeedmoreDM, Team Finest, Team Heretics and Giants Gaming.

Giants Gaming is the only Spanish team left in the Spanish tournament so they will have a lot of fans cheering them on, they will not have an easy task against team Heretics who earlier won the First Strike event with beating teams such as Team Liquid, G2 Esports and Sumn FC. NeedmoreDM against Team Finest will be an interesting match to watch and we expect some close games! NeedmoreDM has been playing and performing very good since the game launched and Team Finest with their star player "Alive" who ranked first in the European ranking has shown they can compete with the top teams.

The games will start tonight at 18.00 CET and you can watch them here:

Livestream link

Giants  Heretics  needmoreDM   Team finest

Our predictions for these games are:

NeedmoreDM vs Team Finest       2-1

Heretics vs Giants Gaming           2-0


More information about the tournament: