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News- Valorant Ranked Mode

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Topic - Ranked Mode is coming soon

June 18,2020, 5:55 PM
By - AL_Panicbutton

Valorant’s competitive mode from the closed beta didn’t make the cut. The omission left rank grinders disappointed. Now, there is official word that ranked mode will soon make its way into the tactical first-person shooter, for the first time since full release. 

This challenge is finally being interceded by Riot, as ranked match-making is primed and scheduled to drop sometime next week for everyone within Valorant




Competitive Mode will unlock after you've played those 20 Unrated matches and you can start climbing the Valorant ranks. You can, however, continue to play in Unrated mode if you prefer, as this mode will always be available in Valorant. Competitive mode will be directly affected by the feedback of the players, so it is possible to make changes before (or after) the end of the closed beta.