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The Rune Mage

Inside look: Ryze is a powerful and short-range Mage whose abilities scale both with Ability Points and his maximum Mana. Focus on building a few Mana items to take advantage of his passive, Arcane Mastery.
Common Position: Top, Mid
Passive: Arcane Mastery
Ryze's spells deal extra damage based on his Bonus Mana,
and he gains a percentage increase to his maximum
Mana Based on his Ability Power.
Q key: Overload
Passively, Ryze's other damaging spells reset Overload and
begin to charge a Rune that can be used to empower Overload.
On cast, Ryze throws a charge of pure energy in a line,
dealing damage to the first enemy struck. If a Rune is fully charged,
Ryze also gains a shield and Movement Speed.
W key: Rune Prison
Ryze traps a target enemy until in a cage of runes,
damaging them and preventing them from moving.
E key: Spell Flux
Deal magic damage to a target and marks it with Flux.
Ryze's next spell on targets marked with Flux will deal bonus effects.
R key: Realm Warp
Ryze creates a portal to nearby location.
After a few seconds, allies standing near
the portal are teleported to the target location.

By aL_Renee

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