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The Voidreaver

Inside look: Kha’Zix is a deadly Assassin that excels at fighting isolated enemies one on one. Whenever he disappears from enemy vision, he gains a bonus to his next attack against a champion.
When Kha’Zix levels up his Ultimate, he’s given the option to ‘evolve’ one of his abilities and make it more powerful. This can improve the ability’s damage or functionality.
Common Position: Jungle
Passive: Unseen Threat
When Kha'Zix is not visible to the enemy team,
he gains Unseen Threat, causing his next basic attack against
an enemy Champion to deal bonus magic damage and slow.
Q key: Taste Their Fear
Kha'Zix passively marks enemies that are isolated from nearby allies.
Taste Their Fear deals physical damage to a single target.
Damage increased on isolated targets. If he chooses to Evolve
Enlarged Claws, this deals extra bonus damage against isolated targets.
Kha'Zix also gains increased range on his basic attacks and Taste Their Fear.
W key: Void Spike
Kha'Zix fires exploding spikes that slow and deal physical
damage to all nearby enemies. Kha'Zix is healed if he is also
within the explosion radius. If he chooses to Evolve Spike Racks,
Void Spike fires three spikes in a cone and Void Spike's slow effect is increased.
E key: Leap
Kha'Zix leaps to an area, dealing physical damage upon landing.
If he chooses to Evolve Wings, Leap's range increases dramatically.
Also, on champion kill or assist, Leap's cooldown resets.
R key: Void Assault
Each rank allows Kha'Zix to evolve one of his abilities,
giving it a unique additional effect. When activated,
Void Assault stealths Kha'Zix, triggers Unseen Threat,
and increases Movement Speed. If he chooses to Evolve Active Camouflage,
Void Assault can be cast three times and stealth duration increased.

By aL_Renee

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