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The Might of Demacia

Inside look: Garen is a juggernaut - a hybrid fighter/tank with powerful short range abilities. His Passive heals him if he hasn’t taken damage from an enemy champion for a few seconds.
His R deals more damage if the target is low on health, so use it to finish off opponents.
Common Position: Top
Passive: Perseverance
If Garen has not recently been struck
by damage or enemy abilities, he regenerates
a percentage of his maximum health each second.
Minion damage does not stop Perseverance.
Q key: Decisive Strike
Garen gains a burst of movement speed,
breaking free of all slows affecting him.
His next attack strikes a vital area of his foe,
dealing bonus damage and silencing them.
W key: Courage
Garen passively increases his armor
and magic resist by killing enemies.
He may also activate this ability to grant himself
a shield that reduces incoming damage for a short time.
E key: Judgment
Garen performs a dance of death
with his sword, dealing damage around him for the duration.
R key: Demacian Justice
The enemy champion with the most recent kills is the Villain.
Garen"s attacks deal additional true damage to that champion.
Garen can call upon the might of Demacia to deal a finishing
blow to an enemy champion that deals damage based upon
how much health his target has missing.
This damage is true damage against the Villain.

By aL_Renee

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